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Valencia Mar 2022
Charter Board


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2nd Valencia Mar Windsurfer Festival
November 25th – 27th 2023

Rental of a Windsurfer LT complete set in “racing” configuration.

The charter will include:
WSE001N Windsurfer LT Board
WSE021S Race Deck Cover
WSE149N Daggerboard Knob Padding
WSEXXX OneDesign 5.7m2 Sail (color will depend on availbility)
WSE007 OneDesign Boom (180-240)
WSE008 Power Uphaul
WS35S OneDesign Mast
WSE010 Mast Base
WSE036 Tendon Joint (U-Pin)
Free Sail Numbers Kit

The kit is not including harness lines (Please bring your own. In case of need, it will be possible to buy lines on site)

The board will be delivered at the regatta venue starting from 25/11/2022, 11am, and shall be returned no later than 27/11/2022 at the end of the event.

For the delivery Windsurfer Europe staff will request a damage deposit of 150€ (card or cash) and a copy of your ID document. Deposit will be returned after the race, once the board is returned clean and with no damages.

Damages will be charged according to current list price.
Make sure to avoid to scratch the pad.
Don’t operate the daggerboard if the system has sand inside. This will damage both the daggerboard and the sideplates.
Ask the support of Windsurfer Europe Staff should you need to swap your daggerboard to “race” position.
It is strictly forbidden to:
– use unauthorized greasy products on the gasket lips. The only approved lubricant is McLube Sailkote.
– put unauthorized stickers or write with markers on the equipment.
– use wax, paraffin or similar products
Racer will be responsible for any damage, depreciation or removal activity caused. Always refer to Windsurfer Europe Srls personnel for any issue with the equipment during the race.

within October 28th, 2022: full refund
from October 29th, 2022 to November 11th, 2022: 50% refund

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