48th Windsurfer Italian Championships

Charter Guarantee Deposit

Your 150€ deposit will guarantee for minor problems that may happen during your rental. E.g. if you will not follow our instructions on how to use, store and return the board, or if you will return the board late, damaged or dirty, we may hold on to some or all of your deposit.
Please pay attention to avoid to scratch the pad and don't operate the daggerboard if the system has sand inside.
Remember that your responsability is not limited to this amount, as damages or loss will be charged according to current list price (Total loss value = 2.600€).
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We will just block the amount of the Guarantee Deposit on your credit card. The 150€ are not taken from your card (so it won’t appear on your bill) but the amount will just count towards your card spending limit. This deposit will be released no later than 2 days after the end of your rental.

To authorize us to block this amount on your card, we will need your name, email and charter number: If you don't remember your Charter Number please check this list: