Svitol (250 ml)


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Recommended to prevent corrosion on boom terminal.

Lubricates, eliminates friction, unlocks, eliminates moisture, prevents rust and protects all metal surfaces. Thanks to its unique multifunctionality, Svitol Lubricant is the ideal product for a thousand occasions of use, from industry to car repairs, from home to garden, from sports to boating, from work to do-it-yourself.

The 360 ​​° valve allows the product to be dispensed in all positions even with the valve upside down. The entire product is made in Italy and for each of its functions it guarantees excellent performance and professional quality.

LUBRICANT: synthetic oils, anti-wear additives and friction modifiers reduce the friction coefficient, giving the product excellent anti-fatigue and anti-wear properties.

Mesh load 80 kg.
260 kg welding load (SRV test)
Footprint (40 Kg x 1 h – IP 239) 0.32 kg
UNLOCKING: it has a strong wetting capacity that allows rust to penetrate into the structure, softening and disintegrating it thanks to its high capillarity and low surface tension.

Surface tension (ASTM D971) 25mN / m
Torque wrench Unscrewing resistance:
Untreated bolts 37 kg / cm
Bolts treated 19 kg / cm

ANTIOXIDANT / PROTECTIVE: Forms a protective layer strongly anchored to the metal, which stops and prevents the formation of rust and oxides, preserving the metal surfaces from corrosion for a long time.

WATER-REPELLENT: Removes moisture, prevents current leakage, restores electrical conductivity.

Dielectric capacity 52 Kv.
DEOXIDANT / DETERGENT: Removes grease, tar, combustion residues
It does not contain chlorinated solvents and ozone-depleting propellants.

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