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Svitol Dry Lubricant (PFTE)


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Recommended for use on daggerboard system and gasket lips

SVITOL DRY PFTE lubricant, suitable for metal, plastic, wood, leather, rubber, glass and all painted surfaces. Creates a dry, long-lasting film that prevents and eliminates wear and friction. It has a low coefficient of friction, excellent adhesion to surfaces and is water resistant.

Being based on PFTE, it is not greasy and does not attract dirt or sand, while ensuring easy sliding between the parts.
The product creates a long lasting white lubricating film.

It is suggested to protect the surrounding area from the spray mist and immediately remove excess product with a cloth soaked in alcohol in order to avoid the formation of stains.

To keep the dispenser clean, after the use it is suggested to dispense upside down for a few seconds.

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