Windsurfer LT Complete Rig


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Complete racing rig for Windsurfer LT, ready for racing. The rig is including only original and “approved by IWCA” parts.

Sails are mainly made by Sailseast, the historical Windsurfer Class supplier, exclusively for Windsurfer Europe Srls.

Fox and Vulkan color models are made by Cobra International Co. Ltd.

Mast is the classic 460 SDM 40% carbon. Boom 180-240 one design alu-boom. Uphaul rope included is the “power” version, with soft pads. Mast base and joint complete the original set. Sail colors are frequently changing, choose your preferred combination among colors you see available below. All the sails are strictly one-design, with same measures and materials. Different colors are not affecting performances nor duration overtime.

Check class rules on
Check sail colors here: WS Racing Sails

Windsurfer LT Complete racing rig is including the following items:

  • OneDesign 5.7m2 Sail
  • Boom 180-240 – WSE007
  • Mast SDM 460 40% carbon – WS35S
  • WS Mast Base – WSE010
  • WS Joint – WSE036
  • WS Power Uphaul – WSE008

It is suggested to consider some optional items such as:

  • Harness Lines – WSE148
  • Sail Numbers Set
  • Country Flag

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