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We deliver original Windsurfer LT boards, rigs and accessories in any location in Europe.

Free shipment for orders above 1.000 € !

Note! Orders from UK, Switzerland and Norway must be placed via email. Contact us.

windsurfer LT board


Join the Windsurfer Class revolution! We are making windsurfing simple and affordable again. Rediscover the pleasure of having one single board and sail that can be used with every sea and weather condition, from 3 to 30+ knots. The Windsurfer LT is the result of a joint global project initiated by the International Windsurfer Class Europe association in 2016. Windsurfer Europe company launched the new board in June 2018 and deliver equipment, sail, rig parts and other accessories in any european location. Have a look at the extensive accessories range. Just choose your sail color, the preferred accessories and join the fun. We offer free shipment in Europe for orders above 1.000€. Shipment of rig and accessories takes from 2 to 4 business days. Shipment of board usually takes from 5 to 7 business days. Our shipment are protected by insurance and under our full responsibility. Shop with confidence, we are waiting you on the starting line! Check the Events Calendar on IWCA Europe website. 

Key measures and details​

366 cm


74 cm


15 kg


227 lt


The WINDSURFER® LT board is the evolution of the original Windsurfer invented by Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake in 1967. The new board has the same concept of the original one, but with some key advantages driven by the adoption of new and lighter materials, an increased width for more stability and a fully retractable daggerboard. 

The board is made with a styrofoam core and epoxy deck. Length is the same of the original Windsurfer (366cm), width is 74cm (8 cm more).Weight is 15kg, significantly lower than the classic polyethilene board. The board is designed to be used for class racing, school and SUP. Both racing and school daggerboards are fully retractable and the deck has a soft pad, to increase comfort in every conditions. The original rig components, the only approved for racing are: WS Mast (2 pcs, 460 SDM, 40% carbon), WS Alu boom (180-240cm), WS power uphaul, mast base and joint, racing 5,7 sqm mylar sail. A 4.5 sqm school sail and many other accessories are optionally available.

Windsurfer Europe wharehouse is based in Rome, Italy. Our committment is to maintain products always available in stock for immediate delivery. What you see on this website is ready for shipment. Shop with confidence: you are protected by WSE full responsibility and insurance on the delivery and by the warranty on quality of products. Your shipment will be delivered by DHL or other similar courier and you will receive a tracking link as soon the parcel is dispatched.